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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent


For most people their home is a huge investment and this is true whether they are selling or buying their homes and thus in each transaction each person wants to maximize their investment and this is where choosing a good real estate agent comes in handy and getting a good realtor can make the difference in how fast they will be able to sell or buy a house. The decision as whether to select a conventional realtor or the buyer's broker but many homeowners do not realize that realtors are allowed by law to work for the seller and because the make their money from the commission on house sales they sell so they have to sell the house as fast as possible.


Buying agents here are bound to keep anything that that the say to them confidential and since they are not working for any for the seller they will not gloss over any issues in a particular home and will conduct their due diligence to see if the home is right for purchase.


The client needs to pay the fee for a buyer agent either an hourly rate or a commission that is based on the acquisition price of the house and the key is to create a better deal on the home that will cover the cost of the agent in assisting them in the sales process.  Know more about real estate in http://www.ehow.com/how_4424632_make-money-real-estate.html.


Dual agents are the type of new agents that that act as both traditional agent and the buying agent and they can take on buyers directly like clients but since they typically work in a real estate office they also represent the seller and when the customer is a seller the person needs to keep their comments few and look for a good deal.


The downside is that the dual agent cannot negotiate on behalf of the buyer thus cannot recommend specific terms such as the purchase price but if the client wants a true broker with a dual agency they need to look for an exclusive buyer broker and split agents can still do the same kind of work as a dual agent in that they can represent both the buyer and a seller.


The main variation between a dual agent and a split agent is that dual agents at this website can never represent both the seller and the buyer in a transaction and the good thing is that if the client hires a split agent as their broker they are still bound by the same rules like an exclusive buyer broker and as such everything that is said is held in confidence and they work with the interest of the buyer in mind.